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Treat yourself or someone special with one of our therapeutic massages, and relax in the seclusion of our spa where you can forget about the hustle and bustle of the world outside.

At Tranquility, a variety of expert massage techniques are offered for stress reduction and relaxation. Our licensed and skilled massage therapists have broad knowledge and many years of experience in nutrition, yoga, reiki, aroma therapy, Oriental healing and Chinese medicine. We guarantee tangible results on the physical, mental and emotional level that are far beyond the simply "feeling good".

Swedish Massage

This classic European massage technique is designed to promote relaxation and improve circulation while reducing muscle tension and stress. Our full body massage includes warm steam towels to enhance the relaxation process.
$40 (30 minutes) ~ $75 (60 minutes) ~ $110 (90 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage

A Therapeutic technique of body work designed to release chronic muscle tension through deep finger pressure, and slow strokes that run across the muscles. This technique works best on targeted areas.
$50 (30 minutes) ~ $90 (60 minutes) ~ $135 (90 minutes)

Acupressure Massage

Based on an Oriental healing method, Acupressure therapy restores energy flow and balance to the body, mind and spirit by applying finger pressure to the specified points on the body.
$50 (30 minutes) ~ $90 (60 minutes) ~ $135 (90 minutes)

Tranquility Signature Combo Massage

This innovative massage combines our most popular relaxation and therapeutic massages: Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massages, in one invigorating massage session. This special service is designed for the clients who enjoy the full body relaxation of a Swedish Massage and/or a Hot Stone massage, but need some deep work performed on targeted areas.
$105 (60 minutes)

Foot Reflexology

Relaxation of the entire body can be achieved through this ancient healing technique of stimulating pressure points on the foot to increase circulation, giving you the feeling of
total well being.
$50 (30 minutes) ~ $90 (60 minutes)

Any Massage Paring with CBD

$25 Extra